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Two-Layered Insulation

Get a sleek and polished appearance while also reducing heating fees. Our dual-layer insulation, featuring an air barrier and a cotton-based canvas, enhances energy efficiency. It's perfect for keeping your area cool during summer evenings and cozy for chilly winter nights.

  • 18mm thick thinsulate that is water proof, mildew proof, and fire retardant
    Sections can be replaced when damaged or stained
  • Combine our two-layer insulation with a source of heat to turn your dome into a space designed for year-round comfort


Despite the blazing sun and soaring temperatures outside, it remains pleasantly cool within your DeLuxe Dome, thanks to a solar-powered fan.

This fan, stylishly designed and equipped with three 14-inch aluminum axial flow blades housed in a galvanized steel enclosure, is driven by an 18W polycrystalline solar panel.

Effectively circulates air and expels moisture even on the warmest summer days.

For those overcast days, there's also a plug-in option.

Additional details:

  • 18V brushless DC motor
  • 17W 18V polycrystalline solar panel.

Panoramic Curtain Set

Slide open the curtains to bathe your space in natural light, or close them to block out the early rays, ensuring a restful sleep-in on Sunday mornings. These bespoke curtains are specifically crafted for your new geodesic dome. The installation of the kit is straightforward, inclusive of a curtain rod and hangers. The curtains, designed to span the entire height and width of the clear PVC window, offer you the autonomy to control your visibility and exposure.

Rooftop Skylight Window

Gaze at the stars in total comfort. Transform the center of your dome into a celestial observatory with our custom-built skylight. It allows natural daylight to flood into your space and makes star-watching effortless and enjoyable. Our PVC skylight becomes an essential and exquisite feature for your new DeLuxe Eco-Dome, blending functionality with the wonder of the night sky.

PVC Stove Jack

Ever fantasized about having a pellet stove in the dining area?

How about relaxing on the couch with a captivating book and the comforting crackle of a wood stove?

Our stove jack allows you to make this choice a reality. Simply bring your preferred stove and select an ideal spot in your dome.

We will tailor the insulation and PVC cover to guarantee a perfect fit for your stove. Options for:

  • 5-inch
  • 9-inch

*Custom sizes also offered upon request.

Glass Door (Single)

Allow nature to lead you from the doorway to the sweeping bay window, while ensuring the safety of your Eco-Dome with a lockable glass door.

Crafted from aluminum and tempered glass, this door is lightweight and user-friendly, but also offers the necessary sense of security and protection. Whether you're constructing a new office area or creating a glamping retreat for year-round enjoyment, this door is an ideal blend of

  • Safety
  • Functionality
  • Elegance

PVC Foam Padded Foam Flooring

  • Resistant to spills, water, motor oil and grease.

  • Simple Installation, Easy Maintenance, Non-absorbent