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¿Cuánto tiempo lleva instalar el domo?

El tiempo que lleva construir su Domo Deluxe puede variar, según el tamaño del marco, la cantidad de personas involucradas y su experiencia. Los domos más pequeños podrían montarse en sólo 3 o 4 horas, mientras que los más grandes podrían requerir un día completo o posiblemente más. Para los modelos DLX-6, DLX-7 y DLX-8, seguramente necesitará una escalera o un elevador. Desarmar los marcos sólo debería llevar alrededor de una cuarta parte del tiempo que llevó montarlos.

What is a dome?

A dome is a structural element that resembles the upper half of a sphere, often utilized to cover a space. Frequently used in the construction of homes, event venues, greenhouses, temporary facilities, and to shelter equipment, domes serve as a versatile solution for enclosing areas.

¿Es difícil el montaje de un Domo DeLuxe?

No, el montaje de nuestros domos es relativamente fácil y se puede realizar sin necesidad de experiencia previa ni herramientas especiales. Proporcionamos instrucciones detalladas sobre cómo montar el domo con cada kit.

¿Qué sugieres para la cimentación de cúpulas?

Es importante elegir un sitio que tenga una base nivelada, fuerte y estable. Cuando está completamente ensamblado un DLX-7, el marco del DLX-8 pesa más de 900 libras. También debes tener en cuenta el peso de los paneles de cubierta, los materiales aislantes y cualquier mueble que planees colocar dentro de la cúpula. Una plataforma de madera o una plataforma de concreto (patio) son excelentes opciones para su domo. No existe la mejor opción, ya que depende en gran medida del propósito de la construcción y también de la geografía y, por lo tanto, del clima y las condiciones del sitio. La mayoría de los invernaderos no necesitan cimientos de hormigón. Sin embargo, si planea utilizar su cúpula como vivienda, es posible que necesite una base de concreto completa. Puede obtener ayuda de un constructor profesional para construir los cimientos. Si va a ser propietario-constructor, recuerde verificar primero todos los códigos de construcción locales. Y tal vez sería útil contratar a un subcontratista para realizar el trabajo sin contratiempos.

¿Cuál recomiendas que sea el tamaño de la base?

Puede utilizar las dimensiones en la página del producto del domo como guía sobre cómo dimensionar su base. Le recomendamos construir una base que sea más grande que la cúpula. Porque es probable que las dimensiones finales de su domo completamente ensamblado varíen ligeramente de las dimensiones que aparecen en los dibujos de la página del producto. Si su base está construida para ajustarse a las dimensiones que se muestran en la página del producto sin amortiguador, es posible que su domo no encaje debido a pequeñas variaciones creadas por el ensamblaje y las condiciones del sitio.

¿Cómo podemos estabilizar el marco hasta el suelo?

Hay ranuras dedicadas en la base central de los concentradores. No han sido perforados y, según su preferencia de pernos; Puede perforar los agujeros del diámetro requerido y atornillar el marco a la base.

Outer-Cover fabric (UV)

When selecting fabric for your dome, durability is the key factor to consider. The two main contributors to wear are ultraviolet (UV) radiation and mildew. For those in arid, UV-intense environments, SunLite fabric treated with Thermoshield is advised. This combination not only reflects heat and UV rays away from the dome's surface but also significantly prolongs the lifespan of the cover. Additionally, SunShield fabric is recommended for its extra laminate coating, offering enhanced protection against UV damage.

For individuals in moist or wet climates, where moisture is prevalent, both SunLite and SunShield (vinyl) fabrics are suggested. These materials boast a smooth exterior that is not only simple to maintain but also offers increased resistance to mold and mildew, ensuring the longevity of the dome cover in challenging conditions.

Installation & Maintenance

How long would it take to install insulation?

5 meters: 3-6 hours with a 1–2-person crew

6 meters: 2–4-person crew and it would take 6-9 hours

7 meters: Crew of 3+ it would take 9-13 hours

8 meters: Crew of 4+ it would take 13-17 hours

How Long Does it Take to install The Dome?

The time it takes to construct your Deluxe Dome can vary, depending on the frame size, the number of people involved, and their expertise. Smaller domes might be assembled in just 3-4 hours, whereas larger ones could require a full day or possibly more. For our 5m-8m models, you will certainly need a ladder or lift. Taking the frames apart should only take around one quarter of the time it took to put them together.

Is assembly of an DeLuxe Dome difficult?

No, assembly of our domes is relatively easy and can be done without any prior experience or special tools. We provide detailed instructions on how to assemble the dome with every kit.

What do you suggest for the foundation of domes?

It is important to choose a site that has a level, strong, and stable foundation. When fully assembled a DLX-7, DLX-8 frame itself weighs more than 900 lbs. You should also take into account the weight of cover panels, insulation materials, as well as any furniture you plan to put inside the dome. A wooden deck or concrete pad (patio) are both excellent options for your dome. There is no best option, as it is very much dependent on your building purpose, and also geography, hence the weather and site conditions. Most greenhouses do not need any concrete foundation. However, if you are planning to use your dome for dwelling, then you may need a full concrete foundation. You may get help from a professional builder to construct the foundation. If you are going to be an owner-builder, remember to check all local building codes first. And maybe it would be helpful if you hire a sub-contractor to get the job done with no hiccups.

What do you recommend the size of the foundation be?

You can use the dimensions on the dome product page as a guide for how to size your foundation. We recommend you to build a foundation that is larger than the dome. Because it is likely that the final dimensions of your fully assembled dome will vary slightly from the dimensions in the drawings on the product page. If your foundation is built to fit the dimensions shown on the product page with no buffer, your dome may not fit due to small variations created by your assembly and site conditions.

How can we stabilize the frame down to the ground?

There are dedicated slots on the central base of the hubs. They have not been drilled, and depending on your bolt preference; you can drill the holes in the required diameter and bolt the frame to the foundation.

Do you offer installation services, or make recommendations on contractors that are familiar with your products?

We don’t have any contractors yet, and we don’t offer installation, for that reason we've partnered with task rabbit to allow you to hire a tasker to assist you in constructing your dome!

How do i install a wood stove?

If you are using the wood flooring plans that we have provided, we recommend that you create a rock or sand hearth to put your stove on. To install your stove on the hearth, follow manufacturer’s instructions and local building codes. The Deluxe Dome Package is equipped with metal stove flashing and a cap. For the Basic Dome Package, the wood stove set-up can be purchased separately. The piping will run from your stove through the flashing and above your dome. All of the piping that is used in association with the stove should be double walled pipe. The piping that runs through your flashing and above the dome.

How do I clean off mildew?

To safeguard against mildew, ensure your dome is always well-ventilated and kept dry. Aim to store your dome in as dry a condition as possible. For mildew spots, use a potent bleach solution (mixing 1 part bleach with 4 parts water) and wipe the affected areas. It's important to wear protective gloves and ensure the area is well-ventilated to prevent inhaling any fumes. Mildew will lighten in color as it dies. Always follow up with a rinse of clean water after applying bleach to remove any residue.

For natural alternatives to combat and prevent mildew, consider the following methods:

1. A customer-recommended natural remedy includes:
- 2 ½ gallons of water
- 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil
- ¼ cup of Borax
- ½ cup of white vinegar
This mixture serves as both a treatment and a preventive measure against mildew growth.

2. Another method involves:
- Spraying the mildew with hydrogen peroxide
- Cleaning the area with a mixture of lemon juice and borax, forming a thin paste. This approach helps prevent new mildew from forming.

The ingredients for the natural treatments are hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and borax, known for their mildew-combating properties.

Is a building permit required?

Zoning issues vary from city to city and county to county. Our domes are far from a conventional home. We can provide a structural analysis document that will show that our domes meet county requirements for seismic, wind load, and snow load. This usually satisfies the building departments for rural areas. We have put up many small domes within city limits in back yards with no problems. A large dome for a primary residence within city limits will require approval from the local Building Department.

In the United States, building codes and regulations vary widely by state, county, and even at the city level. Therefore, whether or not a building permit is required can differ based on these jurisdictions. Generally, for significant construction projects, including new builds, substantial renovations, or certain types of structural alterations, a building permit is typically required.


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La garantía extendida podría tener un costo diferente según el tipo de producto y el período extendido.

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Sí, ofrecemos envío gratuito para pedidos nacionales grandes. Consulte el carrito para ver la oferta actual de envío gratuito.

International shipping?

We offer international shipping for our domes, though please note that shipping costs can significantly differ based on the dome's size. It's important to be aware that any duty and import taxes incurred during shipping are the purchaser's responsibility. Additionally, shipping times can vary depending on whether the delivery is made via ocean or air freight. When you decide to place an order, we can provide you with a detailed shipping quote

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Como resultado de la importante demanda, nuestro plazo de entrega estimado actual para pedidos personalizados es de aproximadamente 8 a 10 semanas. Nos esforzamos por producir constantemente nuestros paquetes de glamping, por lo que es posible que algunos estén disponibles antes. Sin embargo, ¡a menudo estos se agotan incluso antes de que completemos su producción! Por lo tanto, le recomendamos que planifique sus compras con antelación y realice los pedidos con antelación. Si está interesado en un paquete glamping estándar, verifique la próxima fecha de entrega disponible.

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Warranty & Repair

Do you offer warranty for your products?

All our products are subject to quality control.

Our warranty provides a guarantee against manufacturer defects.

The guarantee covers any manufacturing, design, or material defect. Please notify us within 2 months of noticing any defects.

It does not cover blows, improper use, or other issues that are not attributable to a manufacturer defects.

Do you offer extended warranty?

An extended warranty can be added to your products for an additional cost.

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How much does extended warranty cost?

The extended warranty could come at a different cost depending on the type of product and extended period.

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